Made of Black: Fashionspire to all black women

Its been a minute.

We make plans but then sometimes we have to stall them for a sec for different reasons.  I love fashion I have greater plans and aspirations. I might pause for a minute, ponder on how I wanna get things done, but I will always come back to this.

My schedule is getting tighter, obligations and work calls but this right here is my first love. And am about to elevate it!

Today I dedicate my post to all the black ladies out there. A colleague kept showing me pictures of all the people she knows who have bleached through out the week and I realized women bombard themselves with a lot of society crap.

Lets not even mention chocolate, or I don’t know what shade, lets just call it black.

Today’s society will place a burden and doubt in you. The craze of skin bleaching/whitening, the craze of “white gals dominating African artists videos, the craze of “light” requirements in modeling opportunities and adverts. Just when you thought you were “safe” in your little African country they came up with “kalightskin”

I get the pressure, but Guess what? its not a big deal. Yes I said it. You are not defined by your skin colour, your height or your background. If you needed someone to remind you of that then here you go.

Don’t take it personal. People like who they like, or prefers what they prefer. You cant hold it against them. It has nothing to do with you!

Most women talk about preferring tall guys. In fact we make it so clear! We don’t parade it on everyone’s faces, but it is what it is. Some people are not as sensitive as you, that is why they will shout out how black is not appealing, everywhere including social media.

So what? That is their effin preference, don’t succumb to the pressure, don’t judge yourself based on other people’s opinions and preferences, trust me you could channel that energy elsewhere.

Tomorrow they will prefer hazel eyes, and God knows what else! How many people can you possibly please? And who are you really living for?

You have your own preferences too, and no one is mad at you.

If you really care that much, ( I suggest you shouldn’t) give them a perfect black! Make it soft and give it a glow. Its the best you can do.

I remember telling someone close to me, “how comes I do this and that and you don’t” and he told me “because that is you not me” and its true. Don’t expect people to be sensitive about things you think they should, chances are they wont, not anytime soon.

So don’t apologize for being you! At the end of the day, just live and let live. what is yours is yours, including opportunities if you are a model and what not.

I’mma stop there and end with this from a poet friend of Mine . Thank you for this gal!

The rays of the angry devouring sun hit my skin,
And they bounce back with a sigh of defeat.
My dark African skin,My Armour.
My dark virgin African cover,My pride. Am made of black.

Made of tolerance and perseverance,
And my superficial vein,show the flow of blood that never gets tired.
Of trying all over again when it fails,
Of never letting a half time whistle determine the score of the game.
It never succumbs to defeat,
It never succumbs to the silent whispers of retreating. Am made of black.

For it sees hope in despair,
It sees a light glimmer at the end of the tunnel.
It feels a desire to fight back,
Even when chained and trampled on the ground.
It sees a better tomorrow.
It seeks a better tomorrow.
It achieves a better tomorrow. Am made of black.

It sees all,
It hears all,
It takes all in.
Never judges,never criticizes.
Believes in equality and equity.
Hoping and wishing it all went back to being all black…
But then we don’t send away coz we have a welcoming heart.
And the sense of freedom and liberty.
It believes in brotherhood and the sense of belonging.
It never cracks,it stays strong. For its made of black.

And with pride,and complacency….
I’ll stand tall against it all. Coz am made of black.

@Ness Nahashon™


made of black

made of black

made of black

made of black

made of black

Outfit Details

Print heels and black wedges- Shoe stockists ( Emmanuel 0727092707) This guy will get you any shoe any day. Your speed dial fashion need. (Based in Nairobi)

Print top – Lucia Kimemia of Lucia K. Fashion

Skirt and black top: had them for so long cant even remember when or where I got them. The black top is my obsession,had to give it a shoot before it gets old.  Forgot to show its back. Follow me on Instagram for a sneak peak one of these days.

Photography; the one and only Jim Skyz

By the way, what am holding is a withered flower given to me by Jim. lol.

Have a blessed week y’all




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