Taking fashion to little Treasures: Nairobi Railways Museum

Nairobi Railways Museum was my destination for this shoot.

Being the writer and co-editor of www.jambonairobi.com I have discovered that Nairobi city has so much that we the residents overlook. It takes an outsider coming in to visit to make us realize how much Nairobi has to offer. In my case, it took my long term friend and business partner Matatias Saeni who lives all the way in Canada. The kind of love and plans he has for Nairobi even I cant measure up.

queen-eleksie-9 Nairobi Railways Museum I remember a couple of weeks ago when I had an interview with Fred Anyona for my feature segment, you can view it here, he asked me if I had been to the National Archives. You know the famous archive which has become a point of reference for meeting? I literally pass there every time am in town and I shamelessly said no. He was a bit early for our meeting so he decided to check the place out and he challenged me to do so once we were through with the interview.

queen-eleksie-6 Nairobi Railways MuseumSo I am  going to throw this at you and ask, have you been to the Nairobi Railways Museum?

Back to the shoot. I visited the place prior to the shoot to find out the procedure, and what not, and also to enjoy exploring the place without the pressure of the shoot. I am guilty for loving a bit of solitude.

queen-eleksie-8 Nairobi Railways MuseumAllow me to start right at the gate, very friendly and welcoming security. I forgot to ask the name(my bad). As I walked towards the museum, I felt a very calm atmosphere. Before I got to the reception, I couldn’t help staring at the graffiti on the wall to my right. Beautiful.

At the reception area, I met a very cheerful guy, one Mr. Muthoka. He answered all my questions, briefed me, Told me of the requirements, we exchanged contacts, and he allowed me to go around.

queen-eleksie Nairobi Railways MuseumThe day of the shoot, I arrived only to find Muthoka had already left since it was on a Sunday. I was instead met by another friendly lady called Pauline. It was hard explaining myself all over again, and Pauline gave me contacts to one Mr. Bett who is in charge.

queen-eleksie-3 Nairobi Railways MuseumLong story short, I talked to Bett, called Muthoka and it was sorted. While waiting for my photographer Jim, I went around and Pauline and I got into a conversation. For a moment I actually forgot why I was there, she  was super friendly we got chatty, about the museum, other stuff and I learnt from her that the president H.E Uhuru Kenyatta was there in June.

queen-eleksie-11 Nairobi Railways MuseumDamn! couldn’t I have planned the shoot that day! The president didn’t even inform them of the visit, it was just a surprise. How awesome!

Anyway Jim finally arrived, and we proceeded to the shoot. We planned to take photos of the inside after we were done with the locomotives but unfortunately we took too long and found Pauline gone. I didn’t even say goodbye or thank you (*sob*)

queen-eleksie-5 Nairobi Railways MuseumI must admit this was one fun, easy shoot for me. I am not a model so posing for photos is not my thing. Unless I hire Letoya Johnstone the queen of poses. Jim made it super easy plus we had something else to capture other than me and my outfit.

queen-eleksie-7 Nairobi Railways MuseumFun Facts about Nairobi Railways Museum

Inside there is Queen Elizabeth of England seat used on her royal train in East Africa in the 1950’s.There are also plates,cups and teapots including the Queen’s porcelain.

There is the picture of the tusks which represents the gateway to East Africa from where the construction of the Uganda Railway, the most ambitious and problematic railway ever constructed in Africa commenced at the Coast in May 1896.

queen-eleksie-4 Nairobi Railways MuseumOn the floor was the Westinghouse steam driven compressed air brake pump.

There are images of naked Wakavirondo during 1890 near L. Victoria, Maasai with an artist impression of East African Railways & Harbour Crest, Sir G. Molesworth interviewing Wa Kikuyu Chief to get wayleave for the railway near Kikiyu escarpment.

queen-eleksie-10 Nairobi Railways MuseumYou will see the notorious man-eater lion that killed Spt. Charles Ryall in 1900 at Kima station near the coastal town of Mombasa. Claws of this lion can be viewed at the museum and the coach as well.

There is so much to see I cant break it down, I will be posting images of some art work done by a number of youths at the Museum’s two galleries and provide you more information in the course of the week.

queen-eleksie-1 Nairobi Railways MuseumI met a very talented artist called Peter Kahuthu. His artwork was amazing! Seeing him work on a piece was priceless.

Visitors can buy these artworks at the museum’s gallery. There are particular days where they display their art outside the gallery.

queen-eleksie-2 Nairobi Railways MuseumMeanwhile, take the time and visit the museum. The museum is open daily from Monday-Sunday from 8am to 5pm. Charges are only KSH 200 for citizens, students KSH 100

The Museum is currently undergoing renovations following the directives of the president. Visits are however not restricted.

Special thanks to the Nairobi Railways Museum, Mr. Muthoka, Mr. Bett, Ms. Pauline, Mr. Kahuthu the artist, the charming gatekeeper and of course my amazing photographer Jim. Wouldn’t have done this without you.

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Outfit Details

Neckpiece:  Lalita Fashion

Wedges: Shoe Stockist Emmanuel +254 727 092 707

Romper: Gifted(Birthday gift)

Photography: Jim Skyz Facebook    Instagram

For a couple of weeks or so I will be taking my style to various parts of Nairobi. From the streets to the Treasures. Stick around for recommendations.

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