‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic

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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic

‘The colored Girl campaign #BlackGirlMagic
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The colored Girl campaign is an editorial by Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones and I must black is indeed beautiful. Every model is dressed in neutrals, browns and nudes, a symbolic way to express comfort, rawness and vulnerability.

The primary focus is to highlight the beauty and features of the brown color wheel. The campaign works to empower and unite women of color based on their unique physical attributes.

“The sole purpose is to unite, embrace and empower women all over the world, all shades of brown and all of their gorgeous features.”

Each model was handpicked by Tori and Victory with the intention of accentuating different unique features of each and highlighting all shades of beauty and #BlackGirlMagic

There are moments where I feel everyone loves us and wants to be us and have our features. But then there are the moments when I feel it’s not okay for us to have it but it’s okay for the masses to have it.  So as a brown girl I feel sometimes it’s not okay to be who you are.  Whether it’s in media or social media.  I’m from the south, where being a brown girl isn’t something that people necessarily worship or praise.  I want the next generation (and our generation) to look at this campaign and feel like it’s okay to be a brown girl, outside of media.  In real life.” says Tori

Let’s continue to ignite that powerful Black Girl Magic spark! 

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Follow the campaign, @thecgirlinc.

Photographer:  Joey Rosado
Creative Director:  Tori Elizabeth
Co-Creative Director: Victory Jones
Gowns:  Malcolm Diggs
"The brown girl represents deep rooted power."- Tori Elizabeth
“The brown girl represents deep rooted power.”- Tori Elizabeth


Brown girls represent, "Power and magic and it's so untapped. It needs to be celebrated. We are the original woman. People are afraid of that power because we are the seed of life. I love black women and I want us to love ourselves." -Victory Jones
Brown girls represent, “Power and magic and it’s so untapped. It needs to be celebrated. We are the original woman. People are afraid of that power because we are the seed of life. I love black women and I want us to love ourselves.” -Victory Jones
colored girl
To be a brown girl means to be, “unapologetic, resilient and smiling in the face of adversity.” -Malyia McNaughton
colored girl
“Being black is an opportunity that I’m taking advantage of. I have this uniqueness to me that I’m exploring and doors are opening. Right now being black is cool again. When I was younger, I was picked on a lot and now I’m embracing my color. I’m letting young girls know it’s okay to be black. As long as you love yourself that’s all that matters.” -Christina Abiola
colored girl
“I feel empowered because society has made it a fight to be accepted. I feel empowered to be able to embrace my skin tone through an opportunity like this. I’m a voice carrying a message to be proud of my skin. -Kalah Christina
colored girl
“To me, every shade of color is beautiful. Unity is equivalent to being whole.” -Leineal Howard
colored girl
“I associate my skin with strength. There’s so much history in our skin and so much meaning. The different shades of our skin go back to slave days. It makes you feel so strong and powerful knowing where you came from.” -Hilda Akua
colored girl
“I’m here for the brown movement. You just have to agree with it, you can’t disagree with our skin.” -Yada Lamb
colored girl
“I think that being brown is powerful… it’s a badge of power. Our skin is evidence of how resilient we are. We’re powerful, we’re unbreakable, we’re dynamic; that makes us beautiful.” -Christina Bright

colored girlcolored girlcolored girlcolored girlcolored girlcolored girl



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