Colored Girl: A look at Color Photography

Colored girl; No this is has nothing to do with my dark complexion, or the fact that am African. Although to be honest, I am yet to get why black people are called “colored” We are black period! We don’t change color for whatever reason whether based on emotions like anger, blushing (Lol) or environmental factors such as cold or heat.

We are “unchangingly” black!

And I get that,  “people of color” is meant for any race other than white, with whites being “narrowly construed” or that “colored” was used for mixed race of African and European, so lame am exhausted.

Eleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie color

Anyway today’s post is about color in photography. Just to clarify I am not a photographer, nor a professional photo editor/retouch. I just discovered a new hobby which is playing with colors. So I decided to take advantage of the fact that today we have all kinds of effects and filters at our disposal thanks to all the technology and digital era and play around with these images.

(Ignore that grown tummy; I don’t know where it is heading to, insert emoji of your choice)

Eleksie color

Eleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie color

I love colors; in fact I don’t have a favorite color. Why should you have a favorite when you can have it all! I love black, white, blue, green, red, grey, burgundy in no particular order. Although cream has always been my least favorite, just starting to warm to it. Other than that am a lover of colors.

Briefly and without going into much detail, here is some interesting information I found about how color photography came to be, that I thought I should share.

Eleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie color

So around 1861 one James Clerk Maxwell presented a projected additive color image of a multicolored ribbon, the first demonstration of color photography by the three-color method he previously suggested in 1855. It uses three separate black-and-white photographs taken and projected through red, green and blue color filters. The projected image is temporary but the set of three “color separations” is the first durable color photograph.

In 1886, physicist and inventor Gabriel Lippmann created the first color photograph without the aid of any pigments or dyes tapping instead into an interference, which has to do with the propagation of waves. By 1906, Lippmann had presented his process along with color images of a parrot, a bowl of oranges, a group of flags, and a stained glass window. The discovery won him the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Eleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie color


The process was however too complex; it had trouble with the broader bands of wavelength colors created by reflections, and the process required the use of toxic mercury.

Around 1907 The Autochrome plate was introduced becoming the first commercially successful color photography product. 1908 saw the introduction of Kinemacolor, a two-color process known as the first commercial “natural color” system for movies.

Skipping the likes of Louis Ducos du Hauron, in the early 1930s, American company Agfa-Ansco produced what they called ‘Colorol’: a roll type film for snapshot cameras. The average consumer could now purchase film for their cameras and send the negatives back to Agfa-Ansco for development.

Black and white was still inexpensive and widely available.

Eleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie color

Between 1932 and 1935, “Flowers and Trees”, the first full-color cartoon, is made in Technicolor by Disney while Kodak introduced their first ‘tripack’ film; Kodachrome. Today, Kodachrome is no longer being produced as the last roll of film came off the production line in 2010.

By the 1980s, black and white film was not the dominant medium for snapshots. In 1995 – “Kodak DC40 and the Apple QuickTake 100 became the first digital cameras marketed for consumers. On to 2000 where J-Phone, introduced J-SH04 the first commercially available mobile phone with a camera that can take and share still pictures.

Eleksie colorEleksie color

Eleksie color

Finally to 2009  FujiFilm launches world’s first digital 3D camera with 3D printing capabilities and in  2011  Lytro releases the first pocket-sized consumer light-field camera, capable of refocusing images after being taken.

Today we have kicked color film photography out the door and in, digital sensors. Today photographers can pick their digital cameras Create and apply color palettes as well as measure the accessibility level of any color combination. Fashion editors can design bold hues juxtaposed with muted environments, deep shadows, and bright highlights.

Eleksie colorEleksie color

My outfit was a blue sequence short, black top (repeat offender you have probably seen this gutsy top on my instagram page. It is one of those tops which come in handy. Now all it reminds me off is my growing tummy smh (outfits aint loyal) I wore a long washed denim over it and very comfy rubber shoes made by some young Kenyan men. (Contacts update coming)I think the colors work harmoniously with each other.

I decided to rock my natural hair for once! I love, I should give weaves a break.

Eleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie colorEleksie color

My favorite effect is the blue skies because it doesn’t really alter my complexion but just makes the outfit more conspicuous. It kind of creates contrast between elements to show division.


Photography: Jimskyz studio 90z

hair By: Hair By Kevin (@Kevinvoasuna)

Make up: Tinah Make up


 Ring the bells that still can ring, Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in. — Leonard Cohen Enjoy the rest of your week.




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