Diamond Platinumz & Rayvanny Salome outfits

Diamond Platinumz

diamond platinumz

Kioo akidanganyi mama, umejipodoa umepodoka
Mwendo na shepu vyote mwanana, Mimi suruari yanidondoka, Tukimbizane nini salome wangu?, Iyo michezo ya jogoo, Mbona watizama chini salome wangu, Ukimuona jongoo
Inama kidogo shika magoti, Nimesimama kama ngongoti, Mtoto jojo sio roboti, Chumbani bingili bingili sambasoti

For those who don’t understand swahili I am sorry. Those are lyrics to Diamond’s and Rayvanny song Salome. No Eleksie has not introduced a music segmnet and this is not a review of the song.

Immediately the song was released  by Tanzania East Africa Diamond Platnumz last month, on our TVs, a friend brought it to my attention and of course what stood out for us more are the costumes. Beautiful.

I tried finding out about the designer and stylist of the video but my search hit a dead end. If you know kindly let us know in the comment section below.

The hit features Rayvanny  from WCB wasafi label and is taken from the original song “Maria Salome” by Saida Karoli.

Now lets talk about the fashion. Given the lyrics of the song, and that the song is about Getting it on, we would have expected some booty shorts and such like video but the opposite is what we see.

Perfect fusion of authenticity and urban culture. Poping colours, Slightly oversaturated hues of bright yellows, reds, vivid blues and pinks. They adapted the Nigerian royalty influences with the stunning agbadas and igbo beads.

Simply amazing! Here are a few picks.

diamond platinumzdiamond platinumzdiamond platinumzdiamond platinumzdiamond-salome-3

The Video was shot in Tanzania by Director Nicorux from South Africa, on the 10th of April 2016. The beat was produced, mixed and mastered by Lizer from Wasafi Records Tanzania. It currently stands at 4.9M views on Youtube.

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