African Headwraps Originated in sub-Saharan Africa. This entails tying a piece of cloth on the head in labyrinthian styles. While typically African headwraps are in form of traditional fabrics and patterns like kente, dashiki, the headwraps can and are done using all types of fabrics. The simple ways can be very demure and chic.

Historically, headwraps represented a woman’s age, marital status, or general status in the community.  In Egypt, the elaborate wraps showcased a royal status. indeterminately, they have been worn for years, and are still a beautiful cultural heritage.

While headwraps come in handy when we are having a bad hair day, they really make for beautiful styling accessories that not only transform an outfit but also enhance a woman’s beauty. In some parts of Africa, it’s a crowning glory. The beautiful styles are adopted for various occasions such as traditional wedding ceremonies. Otherwise known as Afrocentric celebration.

The African headwraps come in all types of colors, patterns, and fabrics. The size of the fabric depends on the style one is going for. The headwraps are usually about 60-72 inches, but then again, it’s all about the style. There is also the option of combining two different fabrics.

The amazing thing about all these is that you don’t even have to struggle to tie a headwrap, as You can also find options for pre-tied ones. And don’t forget to add that jewelry you have been waiting to make a statement with.

Why wear headwraps

These are just a few reasons you would want to opt for headwraps.

  • Bad hair day or no time to style hairAs already mentioned above, sometimes we are having a bad day, our hair stylist has cancelled on us or we were too caught up in the hustle, nevertheless we have to get out the house for whatever reason. But with a stylish headwrap who would know?
  • Did I hear ceremony/eventAs already mentioned above, in many African homes, we definitely rock the headwrap for various ceremonies especially when we are dressing up in a beautifully designed kente. We make it part of the outfit.
  • How do I style my hair todayIf you are like me, your hair has to be styled differently daily no matter the hair we are rocking. More especially if you have braids or locks on, you are always looking for ways to style it. And here comes headwraps.
  • Bad baldies: No debate, the women baldies are the baddest. Absolutely stunning. However, other days, an outfit requires a head ensemble. A on-slip headwrap is very much ideal. This is also for anyone dealing with hair loss.
  • Zoom Meetings: While men can sit in zoom meetings in nice coats with what look like clean shirts, but a wrinkled probably not so clean short shorts; we can elegantly sit there with our headwraps and those huge teddy slippers. But who would know?

Tips on Headwraps

slipping: Make sure the wrap is super secure and the ends are tucked in really well. Put a wig cap on before tying a wrap to avoid slippage

Hair damage from wrapping: non-silk scarves can suck the moisture out of your hair while it’s wrapped, leaving it dry and brittle. Use a leave-in conditioner to help hair retain and lock in moisture.

Get the right size: As already stated, it’s all about the style you are going for. A suggested tip is that you get one long enough to wrap around your head twice.

Here are some of the most popular Headwrap styles:

Styles for short hair

African headwraps
African headwraps

braids, locs and long hair

African headwraps
African headwraps
African headwraps
African headwraps

Long braids and locs

African headwraps
African headwraps
African headwraps

Styling Afros

African headwraps
African headwraps

With Bangs

African headwraps

Headwrap on a small bun

African headwraps
African headwraps

Bow style

African headwraps

For these styles and more, you can watch video tutorials on YouTube or buy the pre-tied headwraps;






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