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Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe
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Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe
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Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe
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Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe

Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe
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Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe
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Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe
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Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe
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Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe
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Speaking to Keletso Rakumakoe
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Keletso Rakumakoe is a South African gentleman who doesn’t shy away from showing his love for fashion. Whether its jeans, shorts or preppy, clean seems to be his signature, Describing himself as vibrant and love for simplicity. From my interview with him it is no doubt that he is not a fan of color blocking or too much patterns. Keep it basic and solid is his advice.

Keletso Rakumakoe

Here is what he has to say.

Tell us about yourself?

Keletso Rakumakoe is a vibrant, outgoing, social individual who enjoys meeting new people, engaging in conversations on different topics, besides being a men’s fashion enthusiast. I work in Digital and social media.

 Born and bred in Pretoria, South Africa, I love traveling learning as much as I can about my beautiful country. When I was growing up, I was surrounded by people who were always elegant, tailored and clean in their appearance; I guess that’s where I adopted my love for fashion from. Ever since then, I have not turned back in looking like a gentleman, everyday.  🙂

Talk about your style, who are your influences?

My style is very clean, modern and influenced by the Italian gentlemen. I always try to keep the consistency when I’m delivering my style.

 My style is very versatile, as I can have a lunch date with friends and later attend a networking event in the evening. Influenced by The Pitti Uomo, where there’s a collaboration of all the gentlemen who personify Men fashion. I would say my international influences include Khaled Nasr, Dejon Marquis, Bureza , Ignatious Joseph just to name a few and of course my South African brothers by the likes of Trevor Stuurman, Mantie Mekoa , Shaun Stylist, Theo Ngobeni, Maxhosa by Laduma.

Three of your favourite fashion items?

It definitely has to be my blazers, my shoes and my knitted ties.

Are you shoes or watch person?

I’m more of a shoe person. 

If you could raid anyone’s closet who would it be?

Khaled Nascr – His closet is AMAZING!

What we can we expect from you soon?

You can expect more style shot and an execution of a different look, I will still be championing the tailored suits but also incorporating other styles. I will be working with Bridget Peega, a super talented photographer to tell stories through my pictures. She will be exhibiting her creative skills by telling a story through the lens. I will also be exploring different locations for shoots.

I hope I will get a chance to work with GQ South Africa on their print or digital platforms.

Your final thoughts and advice for the young men looking to get into fashion

The nice thing about fashion and style is that each one has a unique feel to offer. That being said, I’d say master your own style and keep it classy and simple, there’s no need to want to be loud.

Too many coluors or patterns are distracting and sometimes make you look immature. Some of the most stylish pieces come in very basic, solid colours.  If you struggle to find your own unique style, you can always look for a style mentor, locate someone who dresses well, and who is willing to give you a few tips.

FOCUS ON THE FIT!!! I can’t highlight enough that the fit is everything! You can actually dress yourself thinner or even taller. You will then notice that the colours, patterns and brands all become less important when a piece just fits really well on you. Own your look and style and make it work! 

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