Letoya Johnstone: I Was Famous, Broke and Sidelined

So the other day Letoya Johnstone, took to social media to post about his experience in the fashion industry given his background and his truth. I decided to repost it here so it can be a reminder for all those who judge others in the fashion industry based on their backgrounds or those who feel the pressure of faking it to fit in.

Fame does not pay. Not in the fashion industry, not in the beauty world, art world or generally the entertainment world. Like I told Letoya, stick to your truth and always be your authentic self. When God decides it’s your time he will shine his light on you.

Don’t succumb to the pressure of the industry, don’t put others down because they don’t have the same privileges, don’t shut out people and close doors on people in the industry because they are not as privileged as you are, or not the kind of clique you hang out with.

My new slogan is, allow others to be bravely themselves.

There is enough sunshine for everyone. Here is the touching post.


I see the world post TBT and everyone smiles. Mine has a mixed reaction.

When the world enjoyed watching me on TV and seeing me in the newspapers and magazines and wanting to be like me, our house in Homa Bay, in Makongeni looked like this.

Letoya Johnstone

One day I just woke up and said, if truly these young people in the university and colleges admired me and yearned to be like me then God give me the strength to reveal who I truly am.

Ladies and gentlemen, nothing much has changed since because I am still this young adult. Don’t look at the good clothes and locations I take photos in. Those places are never who I truly am. I come from nothing…. Completely nothing.

When the fashion and corporate world learned about my background and how our house looks like, the cutthroat and entertainment industry closed the doors for me in my face.!

I met people with false promises about how they will help but in the long run I remained there looking for change with tears in my eyes. Do not ever promise a child who does not have something you will never do to him or her.

I have dined with the blessed, I have laughed with the saved, I have worked with the rich and I have danced with the best in this Kenya but one thing that had always defined me is standing in my truth. Staying with what I have without yearning for others unless it is a yearning to inspire me.

There is no muse in the world. You are the muse the world is waiting to write the book about, to laugh at, to use, to gossip about etc. It’s never a fairy tale. Life is real for me and I am fighting.

Thank you so much to those who told me to lie bout who I really am to fit in the society standards. Thank you to those who controlled my life and asked me to change my wardrobe even when I had nothing to put on. Thank you so much for the negative things you said behind my back and in my face. Thank you to those who ran away with my money after I worked for you. Thank you so much to those who held me close to their heart and gave me opportunity.

Life is a journey and this is where me and mama are, have been for the longest time but as tests change so is my story. My sexuality even added fire to the fuel. I can’t even believe that I am a walking shell. Life truly has tough lessons and I am humbled to be learning them a day at a time.

Above of the above mentioned I appreciate the love and light that some of you showed towards this hood rat that has never had anything. The glory of the lord that has continuously been upon me has left an impact that shall stay forever.

Thank you so much to the street that has exposed me to an extent that I can’t hide anything to the world at all.

The big houses I take pictures at… The good food you see on my social media…. The good places you see me in, they belong to other people or to other family members of mine. Those foods I can’t even afford personally. Sometimes I eat so much till the people I work with make fun of me and how I eat. What they have never known is that I eat like that because back in the house there is nothing. 😂😂😂😂😂 . Nonetheless, I am blessed to have you people here to tell my story.

This is who I truly am. This is my truth. This is my Throw back Thursday. Oh, and just so you know, here things had changed to be even way better than before 100% .

I can now stand up and say, my name is Letoya Johnstone and I am way better than my past.

The prayers of my mother. My truth and my journey are the reality I will leave behind. So help me God.!

Xo Xo 
Toy Toy baby – Kill it with love.

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