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It is not uncommon to see a ‘campaign look book’ from designers for example, an ‘SS/19 Campaign Lookbook collection’.  Lookbook and Campaign shots are often used in the same context by some designers, when in fact they are not similar. A lookbook and a campaign are two different things. And lookbooks are not Editorial either so don’t run an editorial media campaign with your lookbook shots.

I know Fashion seems to have too many terms with almost similar meanings, but reproofing is very important, especially as a designer.  

Campaigns are usually done to convey a message or the inspiration behind the collection. They usually entail more details as compared to the lookbooks, whose main focus is the collection itself.

Let’s break these two terms down and highlight how to put up a successful campaign or lookbook once you can distinguish them.

Fashion Campaign

campaign vs lookbook

campaign vs lookbookFashion campaigns are for one purpose, to sell the image of the brand and convey a message or the inspiration behind the collection. Campaigns always comes with a story line. Think of them like fashion adverts.

You can’t have a campaign shoot without a theme. Your audience should be able to see what you are trying to convey from the pictures even before reading the brief. A fashion Campaign also lures your target audience to you by the dramatic display of your collection, props, set used, models, makeup and lots more are huge factors in having the perfect campaign shoot.

One thing to also keep in mind is that as much as you are the creative behind the collection, you might not necessarily be able to pull off a bomb campaign. It is therefore imperative to know this and consult the services of a campaign director, get a good photographer/videographer and/or a have a creative thinker in your team. It is not easy to pull off a fashion campaign by yourself, or any other campaign for that matter. Always involve professionals when putting up a campaign. The same can be applied in putting up a lookbook.

One very important aspect to always keep in mind with a Fashion campaign, is that pictures speak louder than words. Vision! Visual! I cannot stress that enough. A fantastic photographer/videographer should be able to portray your vision properly and make your products look great.

Another important thing is to decide on the medium. How do you intend to reach your target audience? could be websites, magazines, newsletters, TV or just running your campaign on social media.

Lastly, and very important. Please, do not plagiarize another designer/brands campaign! if you need to, get your inspiration but refrain from copy pasting. I mean it is your work, you should be able to draw great creative and inspiration for your collection. Plagiarism will only weaken the credibility of your brand.

This is not important, but.. Don’t be boring/ ruffle some feathers if you have to. If you know what I mean. Lol


campaign vs lookbook

campaign vs lookbook

campaign vs lookbook

With lookbooks, attention is paid more on the clothes and fabrics and not the looks of the models or the shoot set. A lookbook shoot can be as simple as possible, with some brands even doing neutral backgrounds to ensure the focus is on the dress/collection.

Apparently, Lookbook was originally used by a designer preparing for a runway show. Of course, that is no longer the case today. Lookbooks are meant to excite and inspire the viewer, and not just some pieces on a catalogue. They 1, showcase clothes to consumers and 2, portrays how these pieces can be styled.

They can go as far as suggesting items that can be paired with the pieces, incorporating even the seasons latest trends in the collection.

A Fashion Lookbook will match that dress with a cape, jewelry and shoes for both casual and more formal occasion allowing you to get a picture of what a completed look for your dress will be. Always remember that a Lookbook is the designer’s vision for her collection. It also sometimes showcases the brands aesthetic and more attention is paid on the clothes and fabrics than the models and the shoot set as mentioned earlier.

In summary, Lookbook is just the clothing styled in a nice way so buyers can see it in a catalogue.

Less and less designers are putting out lookbooks, and it’s popularity is dwindling, majorly because well, Instagram! But we need to remember the Benefits of a Lookbook. 1, it gets  you Noticed, I have known several designers through lookbooks especially Nigerian brands. 2, if you are first getting started, a well-produced lookbook will make your brand Look Bigger, and 3, what better way to archive your work?

Now that you know the distinction, send us some of your campaigns and lookbooks we will love to feature them. Email xoxo..


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