African teams style at the Rio Opening Olympic Ceremony

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African teams style at the Rio Opening Olympic Ceremony
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African teams style at the Rio Opening Olympic Ceremony

African teams style at the Rio Opening Olympic Ceremony

epa05457326 Athletes of Djibouti walk into the Maracana Stadium during the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 05 August 2016. EPA/ESTEBAN BIBA

African teams style at the Rio Opening Olympic Ceremony

African teams style at the Rio Opening Olympic Ceremony
south Africa

African teams style at the Rio Opening Olympic Ceremony
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Rio Olympics has brought together over 200 countries of the world together to showcase what they are made of in terms of sports. All the Countries were represented by their own.

Coming from Kenya, Am not even sweating. I mean we are the champs. Gold after gold, silver bronze we have made history by breaking world records, so you know, we are covered. Not bragging, just stating facts. Where is an emoji when you need one?

Having said that and being obviously proud of my country men, my fashion instinct screams what the hell happened to our fashion representation at the Rio Opening ceremony? I mean C’mon I need someone to blame!

Nigeria can blame whoever delayed their outfits and made them match in tracks! That was bad!. I mean reading this tweet I laughed so hard I have not laughed like that in a long time. My Nigerian friends out there kindly translate this for me.


Our uniforms on the other hand had no fashion aspect to it, nothing that said “this is Kenya” no fashion sense at all! No personality! What happened? We have super amazing designers, super super creative stylists, Have you walked down the streets of Nairobi? Or had an opportunity to grace our events? So what happened? I mean tees, c’mon.


We shine in sports, no doubt, we had our moment where Kipchoge Keino was honored surely it wouldn’t have hurt to show we are not dwarfs in fashion as well.

Let me stop there before I get the “this is sports not fashion stop ranting”. Just bring the medals home team; we will forget what they did to you.

Now to the African countries that tried, bold colors, headgear,  Burundi showed us how to take tradition to the stadium with gorgeous traditional dresses. Love it!

South Africa went for the Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers Retro tracksuits complimented by swaggy dance skills, it was fun and they looked comfortable. Benin brought it with their headgear, the details on their outfits; Yellow polka-dot tunics paired with green bottoms complimented intricately by folded turbans.

Djibouti went for skirts; we need to appreciate how comfortable skirts can be.

Cameroon wore a traditional ensemble of embroidered patterned tops and bottoms along with matching headgear.  Ivory Coast wore a variation of the bright graphic patterning unisex traditional ensembles.

Just because it’s Olympics doesn’t mean fashion has to be at the shallow end the pool. Check these out.


South Africa

Who was your favourite? Do let me know.

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