So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona

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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona

So You Like fashion, Introducing Fred Anyona
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So You like fashion is a fashion blog run by Fred Anyona. I Discovered Fred through Black Fashion and was impressed by how much he has done in a short amount of time.

I walk into the room and immediately spot him. Leather jacket, a vest, some dark shades and a septum ring. He definitely looked the part.

You go to an interview hoping to get answers and prepare a feature, but I gained so much sitting through the interview with him. What was meant to be a 30 or less minutes interview ended up to be over an hour conversation exchanging ideas and I literally forgot I was in the middle of interviewing this guy.

Fred Anyona will be a household name in the coming days, so find out what inspires him, where he shops, and who he would like to work with through these few questions.

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so you like fashion

So tell me about yourself and your blog

I am currently in the University pursuing International relations.  I started blogging in Jan 2016 officially, though I had been blogging before about other areas, I decided to take it serious this year and explore the whole scene of fashion blogging.  Get a domain, a good camera and content.

How did you come up with the name so you like fashion, its quiet unique.

I wanted something catchy and different. I knew I wanted to incorporate a name that relates to how am attracted to people who like fashion, and a friend of mine helped me come up with the name.

You have a style feature segment, who would you love to feature

Well I have like a couple of few people so that’s a tough one. Adele Dejak, just find inspiration behind her brand, Annabel Onyango, for the guys,… I have communication with a few already, I would also like to feature more South Africans. But the main person for me is Adele Dejak.

How do you manage time to ensure you are consistent with your blog?

I have school, blogging and writing as well. I do my school work in the morning, during the day I look for inspiration and juggle with whatever else needed to be done and then at night I work on my blog. Like if you give me a call in the middle of the night, am so awake!

Speaking of, where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from fellow bloggers, online research, and just the fact that I use my blog to share information. There is more to it than just dressing stylish.

How would you describe your style and where do you shop?

Urban, street style, preppy, current casual, a mix of everything; I shop everywhere. I feel like if you have only a particular place you might get disappointed at some point. I also have “shoppers” who bring me stuff. My mum also buys me very nice and cool stuff.

So how many pairs of shoes do you own?

Like 35! Probably more. But of course I have a few favourites. 

Who would you say is your style icon?

Mariano Di Vaio an Italian fashion blogger, he is amazing! He has been able to do so much as a blogger and a designer and continues to build so much. Locally I would say Frank is one person I would love to emulate.

Official or casual?

Definitely casual! Lately I have been trying to do more official though, my friends actually dared me to rock fully official for an event am to attend. I will surprise a few people.

Given a chance to invade anyone’s closet, who are you going for?

Street and gentle, Tim Dafina also has great pieces I would love to have.

Who takes your photos?

I am also a photographer, and edit my photos on my own. I use my cousins and friends to take the photos and later edit them.  I have also worked with different photographers, just to give other people in the industry a chance too. I don’t want my blog to be just about me. It’s about giving others exposure as well.

Do you approach brands or do you sit back and let your work do the talk for you

Well it’s all between the two. There are brands I approach and others approach me. I recently worked with Daniel Wellington, they contacted me and I was very happy. That was my work solely speaking for itself. I have also worked with infinix, through a competition I signed up for.

What do you think of Kenyan and African fashion industry strides

We are getting there. It has been slow and progressive, like still a bit stereoptyping in that there is a certain way you can’t dress, street style in Kenya is also a bit mediocre, I call it the “uniform”

Other than that we are growing, we are getting there. I love Morocco, they are very contemporary and urban.

What challenges have you faced in your blogging journey?

Family, When I was starting, I really needed my mum’s support. Coming from a religious SDA family there is a limit to what you can or can’t wear leave alone piercings. She initially couldn’t understand why I chose blogging or what I was doing, but am glad she supported me any way. She is the one who even paid for my domain.

Another challenge is finding location shoot in Nairobi is so hard. Getting that creative element, plus go a heads to use certain places. Finding content for my blog is also sometimes challenging coz you have an audience and you just can’t deliver mediocre.

So who would you like to work with?

Adele Dejak!



Founder & Editor

My name is Queen. This blog is a back love platform showcasing African fashion, beauty, art, lifestyle, opportunities, and Mental Health. I like to call it Africa through my eyes. These as well topics around the globe.

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  2. Assuming your a designer …have some sketches of what you intend to bring to the market .where do you go to get your design logos tags e.t.c.

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